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May 23, 2017 4 Tips For Staying Warm When Your Boiler Is Down

Tips For Staying Warm When Your Boiler Is Downtips for staying warm when your boiler is down

So your boiler has broke down, you’ve required a handyman and it’s an ideal opportunity to sit tight and whilst they ride to the safeguard.

Without any radiators to warm your home, you’ll need to get innovative and utilise different techniques for remaining warm securely. The uplifting news is, there are a lot of easily overlooked details you can do to ward away the chill and keep the temperature up, even with a broken kettle. You’ll more than likely do a couple of these without speculation however we’ve abridged out top tips as an update for you when you do wind up without a heater! Read on for tips for staying warm when your boiler is down.

Include Layers

The best place to start on for tips for staying warm when your boiler is down includes putting on more items of clothing. Make certain to include some additional layers of apparel. You need to give yourself the most obvious opportunity with regards to keeping warm, and a couple of additional layers can do ponders.


Close Your Curtains

It’s likely that the greatest wellspring of warmth misfortune from your house is through your windows. You’ll have to attempt and limit this in case you’re to remain warm with no focal warming, and shutting the drapes can be a major offer assistance.

Keeping your shades shut, particularly during the evening, can help stop warm getting away through your windows and hold the warmth in a room. Blinds don’t have a similar impact notwithstanding, so there’s not a viable alternative for a decent, thick match of window ornaments.

Close The Doors

It’s significantly less demanding to successfully warm one room, than to attempt and warmth your entire home. Ensuring you keep the entryways shut can help hold warm in a room, instead of enabling it to blur away into whatever remains of your home.

Close the entryways

Concentrating on warming just the rooms that you require, when you require them, is considerably more proficient than endeavoring to warm all over the place. You’ll additionally have the capacity to warmth rooms a great deal more rapidly with the entryways shut.

You could likewise utilize draft-excluders, or place towels along the base of your ways to additionally hold warmth and prevent warmth from getting away through the splits. Easily overlooked details like this can help your room remain only that bit hotter, and for more.


For whatever length of time that you heap on the layers, hold however much warmth as could reasonably be expected and make some generous nourishment, you’ll be prepared to ride out the frosty.

From the team at Boilers Worcester we hope these tips for staying warm when your boiler is down help you out.

4 tips for staying warm when your boiler is down