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Oct 25, 2016 How To Save On Your Heating Bills

Save On Your Heating Bills With Boilers Worcester

Are you looking to save on your heating bills? When it comes to cold winter days when do you turn the heating up? Some people cannot stand the cold and more than likely turn there heating up a notch just after August time, on the other hand some people will throw layers upon layers of clothes on in order to save money and battle them cold winter nights. Boilers Worcester have seen it all! But it really is quite understandable when you are trying to save on your heating bills. Boilers Worcester have created this blog in order to show you how to save money on your heating bills without you feeling like your living in the Antarctic.

When it does come down to saving on your heating bills there are a few more obvious tactics such as:

  • Hot water bottles
  • Blankets how to save on your heating bill
  • Layers of clothing

But in reality all you need to do is to show your boiler some TLC. By showing your boiler that needed love and attention you will see your heating bills fall dramatically. If you monitor your boiler in moderation you will have no worries slicing down and ultimately save on your heating bills.

  1. Stay warm and cut costs
    Fact: if you simply turn your heating down by 1 degree you will save a minimum of £60 per year. The chances are you wont even feel the difference in temperature, turn it down by 2 degrees and save even more. You don’t have to freeze in order to save money on your heating bills
  2. Time to get cosy!
    Get the kettle on, bring a blanket downstairs, get a hot water bottle and put some extra clothing on! If you do this you wont need the heating on!
  3. Buy a portable heater
    If you put a portable heater in the room you are currently in you will warm up quicker than even having the heating on full blast! By doing this you will save on your heating bills.

save on your heating bills

Putting of all these practices in order Boilers Worcester will guarantee you will save on your heating bills.