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Jun 23, 2016 No Hot Water

My hot water has suddenly stopped working, why is this?

There can be many reasons why your hot water has come to a holt, Worcester Boilers can resolve any issues resulting in this but firstly check these simple instructions which could avoid you making a call out:my hot water has randomly stopped

  • Check the gas, electrical and water supplies to the appliance are turned on. They can turn off easily from simply bumping in to the switches or so on resulting in no hot water.
  • On your boiler check the thermostat controller making sure it is turned on and the calculations on it are normal.
  • If your boiler has pressure gauge check the readings, it should be around one bar.
  • Try switching your heating on to max for a short while in order to see if that can get it back into working order.
  • If the clocks have gone forward or back your clock on the boiler may need admy boiler wont produce any hot waterjusting.
  • If there has been a power cut your boiler may have been resetted back to factory settings, if this is the case re enter your original settings.
  • If it has been a cold, harsh winter it is possible that your pipes have frozen up
  • If more than one appliance is having a problem it is probably best to give a call to the experts to resolve the problem as soon as possible as it won’t be saved.

All of these can result in having no hot water

If you have checked the following or you do not have the confidence to check Worcester Boilers can help. Our engineers are fully qualified to operate on all makes and models of boilers and have years of experience between them. For a free quotation give Worcester Boilers a call 01527 531340 if you are in the Bromsgrove area or 0121 706 2888 if you are calling from Birmingham.

i have no hot water