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Oct 26, 2016 Power Flush Your Central Heating System

Why Would I Require A Power Flush?

Weather is getting cooler, days are getting shorter and darker, is it time you power flush your central heating system? Having an A-rated boiler installed keeps your central heating system running efficiently however if you are experiencing any of the following issues the best thing to do is power flush your central heating system.

  • Are your radiators cold in certain patches?
  • Is your boiler creating a rattling noise or randomly cuts out?
  • When you bleed your radiators does the water appear discoloured?
  • When you turn your heating on does it take a while for them to kick in?

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If you are experiencing any of these issues then a power flush is the best alternative to make sure everything runs smoothly eventually. If you have noticed all of these or a few of these symptoms then your whole central heating system will require a power flush.

What Is Making My Central Heating Require A Power Flush?

Over time your central heating system and radiators can become full up with sludge and other build ups. Radiators and pipes eventually rust up making it very difficult for water to circulate around the system. When this happens it takes a lot more to heat up your home and you will soon see a rise in your heating bill.

Making My Central Heating System More Efficient

There are certain products that can be used to reduce the risk of needing a power flush, a MagnaClense filter can be used to remove any unwanted sludge and other build ups including limescale this can reduce your energy bill significantlyPower Flush Your Central Heating System

How Does A Powerflush Work?

A power flush pumping unit will be attached to your central heating system through a MagnaCleanse filter. What happens is all unwanted build ups break down and it removes any sludge clogging up your central heating system. Once the power flush has finished doing its job your pipe work and radiators will be clear and ready to work again as they used to.

Boilers Worcester Can Power Flush Your Central Heating System

At Boilers Worcester we specialise in power flushes. If you live in Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Redditch or surrounding areas you can rely on Boilers Worcester to get your central heating back up and running efficiently.