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Oct 27, 2016 The Signs Of Needing A Boiler Replacement

Why You Require A Boiler Replacement

Are you wondering if your home requires a boiler replacement? If in your household you have a boiler that is used to heat up your home then it is going to take up a lot of your homes energy bills. Inefficient boilers struggle to convert fuel into energy, this means it will be expensive to run and the end product wont produce as much energy as an A-rated boiler. You will be ultimately spending more money for less and you will see your energy bill raise sky high. If this is the case for your boiler then a boiler replacement should be invested in to lower your energy bills.

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In the 1990’s condensing boilers became the norm for homes in the UK. These types of boilers are a lot more efficient then older boilers and they have the ability to use energy. Studies show that replacing an old boiler with a top of the range boiler can alone save you on average £300 per year. Condensing boilers are just one type of boiler that you can obtain to lower your energy bills but there are other alternatives.

Boiler Replacement Alternatives

Different types of boilers include heat only and combi-boilers. A heat only boiler can heat up water efficiency which can then be used to heat up radiators and hot water purposes in general. For a heat only boiler your home will require the installation of a hot water cylinder and if you have a smaller house this could be an issue with it taking up too much room. A combi boiler is one of the most popular boilers of this decade due to it being so compact, it doesn’t require a hot water cylinder and heats up water whenever you need it to. A combi boiler is is much more suitable for smaller homes and fewer people living inside of them.

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If you have read this blog and think you may require a boiler replacement Boilers Worcester are at your service. We will replace your old boiler and install an A-rated combi or heat only boiler dependent on your specific requirements. Contact us today.