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Central Heating Repairs

Most central heating problems are seasonal, mainly in the autumn and winter when the system has been ‘sleeping’ all summer and colder weather prompts us to turn on our radiators.  Before winter sets in, your should ensure your heating system is working correctly.  Are you in need of a central heating repair ? Contact us today.

Bleeding a radiator is the most common and effective way of bringing it back to its full potential.  This is a simple process and a useful one to learn. Carrying it out may give your DIY confidence a boost and will improve your understanding of how your central heating system works.  Don’t be scared to give it a go!

Here are a few problems and issues you may have with your central heating system:
  • I have hot water, but my radiators are cold / my radiators are hot, but there’s no hot water
  • My radiator is only warm at the bottom, but is cold at the top
  • My boiler is making a funny noise
  • The over-flow won’t stop running
  • There is loss of pressure in my system

With all these little problems, as annoying as they are don’t panic.  Give Boilers Worcester a call today and we will resolve all the issues for you at a time to suit you.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a central heating repair in Birmingham or need central heating repairs in Bromsgrove, our engineers are here to help.

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