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Sep 06, 2017 Preparing Your Home For Winter Months

Preparing Your Home For Winterpreparing your home for winter

As you are most likely aware winter is rapidly approaching. We are now in September and mornings are getting a lot colder. In this blog we reveal how to save money on your energy bills preparing your home for winter months.

Insulating Your Home

Did you know that around half of heat loss comes through the walls, roof and the loft in your home?

If your house is not insulated then you are losing a considerable amount of heat each month raising your energy bills. Insulating your home does cost money, however it is defiantly worth doing as you will see your energy bills lower significantly.

Covering Any Draughts

Does your home let in heat from any cracks or gaps? You can use DIY seals in these places where heat is escaping in order to prepare your home for winter months.

DIY seals are very easy to install and from doing this you could save £30 per year. This alternative is cheap and advicable to all.

Insulating The Water Tank

Is your water tank insulated? By law any new boilers are required to be insulated anyway. If you however have an older boiler and it isn’t insulated then get on to it. The insulation that you used should be thick in order to make maximum savings. From insulating the water tank be prepared to save around £35 per year.

Turn Your Thermostat Down A Notch

Did you know that if you simply turn your heating down by one degree Celsius that you instantly save a whopping 10% on your energy bill?

One degree Celsius is basically nothing and if you can aim to keep your heating at around 18-19 degrees then you will save money and your home still won’t be cold.

Preparing your home for winter is easy! It doesn’t take long to do and the expenses you pay out are only small for a large amount of savings.

If you have an old boiler which of around ten years old then you should get a boiler replacement. At Boilers Worcester we will replace your boiler quickly and find you the best option possible for your home. You can also read one of our previous blogs on the best boiler to buy in 2017 guide for any additional information that you might need.

preparing your home for winter months