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Vaillant Boiler Service

Have you had your annual Vaillant boiler service? A boiler should be serviced every year. A faulty boiler can actually be extremely dangerous and each year around 4000 people pay a visit to the hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning. A faulty boiler cannot only be extremely unsafe in your household but it can actually put a huge increase on your energy bill if the boiler isn’t running efficiently. If your Vaillant boiler is needing repairs on it regularly then this is another reason why you should enquire about a Vaillant boiler service.

When having your boiler serviced it shouldn’t simply be checking all the parts of the boiler to see if they are all working, things like the colour of the central heating water, corrosion or very slow leaks that vanish as the water passes should all be checked.

Why Use Us?

Why use Boilers Worcester for your Vaillant boiler service? Well first things first our team of boiler engineers are all Gas Safe Registered assuring you that they are the best for the job. Secondly, our price range is highly competitive in the central heating repair industry meaning you could potentially save a fortune. Lastly we have completed numerous Vaillant boiler services in the past so we have vast experience and that is something that should never be undermined in this industry.

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Boiler problems can occur at anytime, a fault that may seem small can turn into a whole new boiler replacement which is why a boiler service Birmingham is essential every year and with prices starting from as low as £59 why would you look elsewhere?

To book your annual Vaillant boiler service with Boilers Worcester today, give us a call on 0121 706 2888 if you are calling from Birmingham or the surroundings. If you are calling from Bromsgrove / Redditch or surrounding areas call Boilers Worcester 0n 01527 531340 for your free quotation.