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Oct 26, 2016 4 Central Heating Tips For Winter

Central Heating Tips For Winter You Must Follow

Last Christmas we didn’t get a white Christmas, but will this year be different? Whether it snows or not winter in the UK is always a cold one and you really don’t want to be without a efficient central heating system. Christmas time is an expensive time of the year and the last thing you need is your central heating failing on you. This is why Boilers Worcester in this blog have 5 central heating tips for winter.

4 Central Heating Tips For Winter

Central Heating Tips For Winter

  1. Don’t allow your condensation pipe to freeze.
    When it turns to them cold winter nights in freezing temperatures it is hard for even A-rated boilers to function if its condensation pipe freezes. If this does freeze up it really isn’t the end of the world as it is simple to fix. Simply wrap old rags around it insulating the pipe and giving it extra layers to prevent it from freezing. Alternately you can pop down to a DIY store and purchase foam pipe insulation, however condensation pipes are all different sizes so make sure you get the right measurements before.
  2. Turn your boiler thermostat up a notch
    During a cold winter it can do your boiler the world of good by simply putting it on maximum setting. This thermostat is located on the boiler its self. When it temperature begins to increase again turn the thermostat back to its usual settings
  3. Get A Boiler Service
    This is probably one of the best tips in order for you to prepare your boiler for the winter. Getting a boiler service from gas safe registered engineers will give you a heads as they will locate any issues and make sure you are aware of them when it comes to your central heating system. At Boilers Worcester we specialise in a boiler servicing.
  4. Power Flushing
    If you have an old central heating system that has become inefficient over time then a power flush is the best option to cleanse it making sure everything is running smoothly. Radiators become clogged up with sludge and pipe works internally rust. A power flush clears your whole central heating system making sure its running efficiently as possible. At Boilers Worcester we specialise in power flushes.

central heating tips for winter

If you complete these 4 central heating tips for winter your boiler will be in the best shape possible for winter.