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Jan 06, 2017 Benefits Of Boiler Servicing

How Can A Boiler Service Benefit You?

In a regular boiler service we are there ultimately to inspect your boiler and to see if everything is running smoothly, we are also looking to inspect your whole central heating system giving you tips and guidance on where you could potentially save some money. boiler servicing

Boiler Servicing That Saves You Money

Boiler servicing can save you money. Common areas where money can be saved include radiators upstairs are on when no one is present. When radiators are not needed a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) can be installed to save money. On average a TRV costs £25-£30 and takes around an hour to install, all in all with installation you will find yourself earning that back in up and coming years.  Another way that boiler servicing can help you save money is through a ”Smart System Control”. This allows you to control your central heating system where ever you are through your phone, as they are ‘Smart’ over time they learn how you use your central heating system, again this will accumulate to savings.

Boiler Servicing That Saves You

As mentioned earlier the whole purpose of boiler servicing is to make sure everything is running smoothly, your central heating system is working efficiency and there are no hazards. A faulty boiler costs a lot of money to run (a whole lot more than a rated A boiler) and if carbon monoxide starts to leak it can be fatal. Boiler servicing should be an annual thing, you never know when your boiler might fail on you and for your piece of mind and in  order to save money in later years then get your boiler service.

Here at Boilers Worcester we have customers who return on a yearly occasion for a highly extensive boiler service. If you have had a boiler service through us you can save money on your next one! Get in touch with us today.

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