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Mar 08, 2017 Boiler Installation Birmingham

New Boiler Installation Birmingham

Is your boiler on the blink? No need to panic! At Boilers Worcester we specialise in a boiler installation Birmingham service where we will fit your home with a brand new boiler. Making sure a boiler is installed correctly is something that must always be ensured. If a boiler isn’t fitted correctly problems can occur, if previously you have had a botched boiler installation then you should contact the engineer who fitted it due to the Consumer Rights Act and they will have to re-install your boiler installation birmingham

At Boilers Worcester our team of engineers who carry out any work are all Gas Safe Registered, it is more than advisable to let nobody fiddle with your boiler unless they have been Gas Safe Registered as this is where many long term issues with your boiler can occur.

Our boiler installation Birmingham service is affordable to all, its a horrible feeling having no boiler and therefore no heat coming into your home. You may have a family to look after, Boilers Worcester strongly believe that nobody should be with out a safe, working boiler as one is essential!

It is vitally important that the service you receive from Boilers Worcester is the best service, we take the time to make sure all flooring is safe and protected before carrying out any work. We have many many spare parts and products for almost any boiler meaning our engineers can assist any problem you may be experiencing.

Does your home need a new boiler installation? Whatever the issue you are currently facing Boilers Worcester have the manpower, resources and experience to complete your new boiler installation hassle free.  Give Boilers Worcester a quick call on 0121 706 2888 and we will give you a free quote and take proceedings from there. 

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