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May 26, 2016 Central Heating Producing Noise

Is Noise From My Central Heating Normal?

Your central heating should NEVER be noisy. There can be many reasons contributing to your central heating making a lot of noise, if you have had a new combi boiler installed the chances are this is why, however if installed incorrectly this will be the culprit of the noise. The other reason why it may be making a loud noise is due to poorly maintained heating systems and a build up of lime scale. Now, if you are hearing noises it is definitely advisable to call an engineer to stop the issue as it could become dangerous and cost you a lot of money in the future on repairs. If it is possible try to locate where the noise is coming from, the engineer will most likely ask you where you think it’s coming from over the phone, these are the sounds that you will most likely hear:

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Banging in pipe work

If the noise you are hearing is a banging sort of sound then the chances are the problem is occurring in your pipe work, check if the pipes have all been fitted, tightened correctly and tied down properly. If you have done this and they in fact are loose that you’ve located the source of the loud banging. If you have checked this but they are screwed down correctly then there may be a pressure problem in the interior of the pipe work. What to do is to drain them out and simply refill the system again, if the banging has not stopped after you have done this then it is time you call the experts. Check your heating elements! If for some reason they are set at the wrong timing or in fact the incorrect pressure this will create a sort of humming sound in the boiler. Check that the thermostat is working correctly! If the pressure is too high it can corrode the pipe work resulting in that banging sound.

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Noisy Radiators

A build up of air in the radiators is most likely the reason why your radiators are making a gurgling sound, you need to release air out of the system. Loosen the corner screw until water starts to drip out, when you witness water dripping out that means all the air has been released. Again lime scale could be the issue for noise.

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Boilers Worcester understand that it be a quite daunting task to investigate where the noise from your central heating is exactly coming from, so give us a call and we will resolve the issue!

With a team of gas safe engineers your central heating will be in the right hands. Simply call us on 0121 280 339 if you are calling from Birmingham or the surrounding areas and if you are calling from Bromsgrove, Redditch or the surrounding areas call us on 01527 531340.