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Oct 28, 2016 Common Boiler Issues

The Common Boiler Issues

Are you experiencing any issues with your boiler? If your boiler is acting peculiar it could be something as little as knocking or banging noise being generating or on the other hand your boiler has decided to switch off. Whether the issue is something you regard as small or big you should get in touch with Gas Safe Registered engineers straight away.

At Boilers Worcester we are available for you 7 days a week if you are experiencing any issues with your boiler.

common boiler issues

There are common boiler issues that a lot of homes face, some of these include:

  • No hot or cold water
    If hot or cold water is unavailable to use then this is a problem that should be seen to immediately. With hot and cold water issues the problem is that it could be from a number issues which is why an engineer will have to come out and assess the issue to determine what has caused the fault.
  • To much or loss of pressure
    When boilers are losing or using to much pressure the first few times it can be fixed with ease, however if the issue you are experiencing is continuous and doesn’t want to disappear  calling professional help should be the action you take.
  • Frozen pipes
    If you have noticed that your pipes have frozen up then you could have a big issue on your hand. If the pipe work eventually bursts then you could find yourself paying a fortune to replace it so make sure you contact boiler repair specialists as soon as you have noticed your pipes freezing up.
  • Boiler randomly turning on
    Is your boiler turning its self on by its self when your home is already hot? This is a result of your boiler being installed in a colder place. Believe it or not this is a really common boiler issue and it is due to the people who initially installed your boiler

    common boiler issues in birmingham


These are 3 common boiler issues that thousands of home owners experience in the UK. If you require a boiler repair call us today at Boilers Worcester.