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Jun 29, 2016 Heating Up Your Home

Ways to heat up your home

In the UK the weather is always changing and never making its mind up and as we are experiencing a wet summer having the right heating for your home is important. Boilers Worcester have highlighted different ways in heating up your home most effectively.boiler repair bromsgrove

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Having heat pumps is extremely environmentally friendly and is effective. Ground source heat pumps use the warmth from the earth and then it is used for hot water purposes and heating up your home in general. The ground source heat pumps are connected to pipes which are buried underneath the ground and then can be used all year round. This is very useful in the summer, however in the winter Boilers Worcester would recommend having a back up heating system as it gets colder.

Solar Panelscentral heating repairs redditch

Solar panels is another system that is used to heat up your home, in order for it to work effectively it needs to be more warm so this is defiantly ideal for the summer. Exploiting natural heat from the sun Solar Panels is very good for the environment and can save you a lot of money on your gas bill, however you’ll need a boiler or immersion heater to give you additional hot water.


In the past and still to this day the majority of homes have radiators. If you have a heat pcentral heating repair redditchump system instead of a boiler then your radiators wont heat up to their maximum potential compared to having a working boiler.

These three ways are ideal to heating up your home. Solar panels and ground source heating pipe systems can create a greener world but a boiler should be in every home in order to battle them cold winter days and nights. If you would like a boiler fitted contact Boilers Worcester today on Bromsgrove, Redditch & Surroundings – 01527 531340 Birmingham – 0121-706 2888.