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Mar 08, 2017 I Have No Hot Water

No Hot Water Issue

Having no hot water, lets face it, is pretty common. At some point in everyone’s live they are bound to go a short period of time with no hot water, you get up nice and early for work in the morning, turn on the shower then you are struck by the coldness… Not a pleasant experience! The truth is there are a number of ways hot water can disappear from the simplest thing to needing to make a call out to a plumber or gas engineer.

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Fixing The Issue Yourself

To fix the hot water issue first things first you want to check the most obvious of things to save you making an expensive call out, these include:

  • Check all taps in the house, the problem at hand could just be with the first tap you initially turned on.
  • Check the electricity supply to your boiler. It may of been switched off.
  • Check the thermostat levels.
  • Check your clock timer hasn’t been tampered with or that the timings haven’t changed.
  • Check the other appliances in your home that are linked to the gas supply.
  • If the weather has been cold, you might have frozen pipes. Do check carefully for leaks, especially around the joints and outside pipework.

These tips listed above are only for the simplest of issues and if you have checked the above and corrected them then the problem at hand will need fixing by the right people.

At Boilers Worcester we have fixed hundreds of peoples ‘no hot water’ problems so we doubt fixing yours is a problem. With other 20 years combined experience in the plumbing and central heating industry you can rely on Boilers Worcester to fix your no hot water issue. If you are calling from Birmingham or the surrounding areas call on 0121 706 2888. If you are calling from Bromsgrove, Redditch or the surrounding areas call on 01527 531340.

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