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Oct 17, 2016 Power Flush Birmingham

Power Flush Birmingham Service

Located in Birmingham, Boilers Worcester provide a number of central heating services completed at highly competitive prices and in a professional manner. One service that we specialise in is a Power Flush Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and all over the West Midlands. Boilers Worcester provide power flushes on all types of central heating installations.

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What Is A Power Flush?

Simply put a power flush is a chemical power flush that is used to clean and clear out central heating related problems. A power flush is highly efficient and a very affordable way to create a warmer home through cleansing. How it works is water is pumped around your central heating at a high pressure in order to clear any blockages or slime that has built up, a special chemical is used in order to break down any unwanted wastage that has built up over time. When the operation has been complete the central heating system will be left with clean water running through freely with out any problems. If you haven’t had a boiler power flush in the last few years then it is highly recommendable due to your homes central heating becoming badly damaged, if this is the case more expensive solution will be required.

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Do I Require A Power Flush?

If you are experiencing any of these issues a system power flush should be required:

  • Heating system taking long to heat up.
  • Boiler creating strange noises.
  • Radiators aren’t evenly heated.
  • Radiators require regular bleeding.
  • Repeated pump failure.
  • Hot water not as hot as usual.

If you are interested in Boilers Worcester power flush service Birmingham give us a call on 0121 706 2888. From this point a scheduled appointment will be made at a time that suits you best, engineers at Boilers Worcester have years of experiencing in central heating repairs industry and all are gas safe registered.

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